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Cranking the Creative Trebuchet

We’ve all been there – you’re on the verge of a brilliant idea but the walls of deadline mediocrity are closing in. To smash your way through with ideas the size of one-ton boulders you’re going to need leverage, and lots of it. Join Kody Chamberlain as he discusses the many techniques he’s used to launch big ideas in graphic design, illustration, creative writing, comic books, graphic novels and deep into the hills of Hollywood.


The IDea Iceberg

A presentation on Expanding Creativity by Kody Chamberlain. Uncovering big ideas hidden just below the surface with this deeply inspiring presentation from writer and artist Kody Chamberlain. He’ll discuss a variety of oddball techniques for creative thinking including data mining, oscillating notebooks, as well as pop culture creative advice from Bob Ross, Jaws, Bruce Lee, and Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.


Bring Kody Chamberlain to Speak Live at Your Event


  • Wizard World Comic Con, Dallas, Austin & New Orleans, 2011–2016. Attendance varies: Typically between 150–300. 

  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2014. University of Michigan School of Public Health, and their PhD candidates. Attendance: 125

  • CTN Animation Expo, Los Angeles 2013. Attendance: 200+, and a live webstream. Presentation hosted by CTN at their events stage on the showroom floor.

  • HOW Design Live, Boston 2013, Attendance 2500 (auditorium).

  • Macworld, San Francisco 2008 and 2009, Attendance 300+. Hosted by Modbook at their events stage on the Macworld showroom floor.

  • Advertising FederationsAIGA groups, and universities throughout the country, 2008–present. Attendance varies: Typically between 25–200.


“Club feedback has consistently pointed to Kody as the year’s most popular speaker”

— Brian Winkeler
Creative Director,
Robot House Creative

"Kody Chamberlain was the perfect choice to speak at Oklahoma City Ad Club's annual Career Day event. Kody adapted his "Cranking the Creative Trebuchet" presentation for an audience consisting of a variety of advertising professionals as well as college students from various disciplines and delivered an entertaining, informative and motivating hour. Club feedback has consistently pointed to Kody as the year’s most popular speaker and, inspired by Kody, many students and professionals alike have begun to keep a sketchbook at the ready to jot down their next great idea."

“great speaker, one of the best of the year”

— Barbara Rodgers
Austin Advertising Federation
VP/Programs, Austin

“Kody’s presentation was filled with interesting and unusual factoids or clips from pop culture, including Jaws, Bruce Lee, Dumbo the Flying Elephant and more. Our audience was thoroughly engaged and enjoyed his very creative presentation, both in style and substance. In comments after the official presentation, some of the non-creatives said even they learned some tips that they can apply to their job responsibilities. Kody was a great speaker, one of the best of the year, and any group that invites him to speak is in for a treat.”

“an effective speaker with inspiration”

— Dr. Kam Ng
Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise

"Kody Chamberlain is more than a talented artist, writer, and designer. Kody is an effective speaker with inspiration. He understands the link between art and technology well. In his talk, he explained the complex process of innovation with simple language that everyone can understand. From conceiving the idea to producing the product, he makes the steps crystal clear and yet interesting."

“completely at ease…funny, wise, generous, and very, very inspiring”

— Leslie Stainton
University of Michigan
School of Public Health

"Kody Chamberlain is nothing short of an inspiration. His work--gorgeous, exciting, deeply nuanced and at times heartrendingly emotional--speaks for itself. Couple that with a riveting presentation on design, creativity, and the discipline it takes to be an artist, and you've got one powerful event. Kody spoke to a group of public health students, faculty, and staff here at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. I doubt many of them had given much thought to his profession before, or to the ways it can enrich and illustrate the basics of public health. But it was clear from their response that they heard Kody's message loud and clear and are likely to heed it--and we're all likely to be healthier as a result. He's completely at ease in front of an audience--funny, wise, generous, and very, very inspiring."