You Might Be The Killer



VERMILION, my first original pilot script, made it to the second round at both Sundance and the Austin Film Festival. Very exciting stuff. Vermilion is a Southern Gothic about a group of friends that take part in an illegal drug trial for Botox-like injections developed from a captured vampire's blood. It's heavy genre stuff, but it's also a story with a lot of heart and some genuine characters. This one goes DEEP into what I know and love about Louisiana.


Speaking of the Austin Film Festival and Writers Conference, I am planning to be there next week. If you're in the area, pop in and check it out.


My son and I have a cameo in a SyFy original horror film called You Might Be The Killer. It's mostly in the first ten minutes or so, we're walking around the comic shop. Several of my comics are also in those scenes. If you're into horror/comedy, the movie is a whole lot of fun. It may air again soon, but it is currently streaming on demand online and in all of the SyFy apps for various devices.

Details and official trailer:


Still doing a few of these every month, and based on customer feedback, I've started offering the option to own an original drawing rather than an all-digital version. Essentially, it means you'll get the original to frame and hang, as well as the usual digital version. Makes for a highly unique gift. Be sure to read the guidelines carefully. To help keep the price down, some restrictions are in place.

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