How I created the end credit sequence for Captain America: The Winter Soldier


First, the title of this blog post is an outright lie. I literally had nothing to do with that credit sequence. But after a chat with my pal David Mack in Lexington, Kentucky a little over a week ago, I pieced together a nice string of events that may have helped all this come together. More than anything, it's a great example of networking in action. 

To figure this out, we'll have to jump back in time about ten years ago. My longtime studio mate Ron Domingue helped bring in a guest speaker to Lafayette, Louisiana named Joshua Davis. For those that don't know Joshua, I'd describe him as a motion graphics artist, designer, and illustrator, but also one hell of a programmer. These days, he's also a public speaker and a teacher. He's created a vast body of work, earned countless awards, and he's built a loyal following of designers, developers, and illustrators all around the world. 

Joshua's workshop that day was a mostly a result of Ron's persistence to bring him to our area, and the AIGA (The American Institute of Graphic Arts) was a great way of doing that. I hadn't been a member of AIGA since college, but I do try and keep tabs on guest speakers and events. If I recall, Joshua's presentation was titled 'space' and it was an exploration of art, design, color, controlled randomness, and a bit of an autobiography. Wonderful stuff, and if you have a chance to see Joshua speak or view an installation, I highly recommend it.

After the presentation, a small group of us went to a popular Cajun restaurant here called Prejean's. Solid food, usually, and it's got a fun atmosphere for guests. At that dinner, we got to talking about comic books and David Mack came up as an artist Joshua was deep into at the time. I mentioned that I knew David a bit from comic cons and that he was a super nice guy. 

The following week, I introduced the two via email, and as it turns out, David was also a fan of Joshua's work. Simpatico at its finest. Referrals and introductions are constantly happening behind the scenes, but it's also a currency that must be spent wisely. In this particular case, it seemed like the right thing to do.

I've seen David a few times since at various conventions, but for whatever reason, the subject of motion graphics didn't come up. This past weekend at Lex Con, I wandered over to David's table to drop off a copy of my comic series PUNKS and we ended up on the subject. He gave a big shout out to the brilliant team of designers, animators, and programmers that take his illustrations and concept art, and push it around the canvas. Fascinating stuff. 

David casually mentioned that befriending Joshua Davis and their ensuing discussions on the subject was one of the main catalysts for his interest in motion graphics, and as a result, we all got to enjoy his spectacular motion graphics work on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

You're welcome. 


March 19, 2017

EDIT: An expanded thread from David:

@KodyChamberlain It was @JoshuaDavis that recommended me to OFFFest in Barcelona where I met Erin Sarofsky who brought me in on CA:TWS

— David Mack (@davidmackkabuki) March 20, 2017