Maniacal - Unboxing

Hassan Lopez, creator and writer of the MANIACAL board game, has posted a few unboxing photos of the board game I designed with Hassan and Rob Guillory (illustrations). Logo, graphic design, and icon work by Kody Chamberlain. Looking forward to seeing this one up close and personal, but for now, feast your eyeballs on Hassan’s great shots of the factory edition of Maniacal from Eagle-Griphon Games.

See the original post and follow updates on the Maniacal Kickstarter page.

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A Friend of Mine

The term ‘Gatekeepers’ came up in conversation after that tweet, and it was used as a negative. While I’m sure there are people actively trying to keep others out of every industry without a valid reason, in my experience this is not how things work. Producers, editors,

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Tools of the Trade: Writing

Writing — The tools I use and love the most. For brainstorming just about everything, I prefer old school index cards and a large wooden table. Hit that table with a little furniture polish (I prefer lemon scent) and you can quickly slide cards around and pour your brain out onto…

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Brick Wall

Here’s a little trick I use when I’m writing. In fact, I JUST used it on a script earlier this morning so I decided to blog about it knowing some of you might find it useful. When I’m working on an outline or a script, I sometimes hit a tough spot where I just can’t work through

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You Might Be The Killer

SUNDANCE AND AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL — VERMILION, my first original pilot script, made it to the second round at both Sundance and the Austin Film Festival. Very exciting stuff. Vermilion is a Southern Gothic about a group of friends that take part in an illegal drug trial for…

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Curt - Custom Knives

A shot of my sketch work for the CURT custom knives logo. From the start, the goal was to keep it clean and simple, to unify the logomark and the logotype as one unit, rather than having them exist as two separate pieces. Clean, simple, sharp. 

There were about seven sheets of sketch work in all, but this is the one where I figured it out. I kept going a few pages after this one, but I kept coming back to the sketch circled below—That's usually a sign that something is working, so I put a little more focus on it and sketched

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